About Polybun

Innovation With Different Approach

Founded in 2015, Polybon is a tailor-made production company. For different industries such as automotive and furniture, Polybon develops and produces technologically advanced mold release agents or other various types of high end use waxes. Polybon continuously develops its structure regarding to the investment on scientific human resources and its technological background in cooperation with European leadership companies. It is believed that they could expand market share and also keep the high level of quality of Polybon products.

10+ years of experience in the industry

Our robust health, safety and environmental (HSE) culture is driven by our uncompromised values. Our approaches HSE from a combination of bedrock principles and extensive knowledge obtained over many decades of experience.

Max. Profitability

We strive to produce quality products with maximum profitability for you.

Batch Production

You can buy our products individually from worldwide resellers.

Mass Production

We produce major products with the number you request in the shortest time.


We do research, product design and engineering


We produce quality products with fully automatic and up-to-date machines.


We guarantee our massive sales. Our sales representatives are ready to offer you products and services.
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