External Lubricant

PolyLub has very unique external lubricant properties that make them useful in many applications. The major functions of polyethylene wax in many formulations are to provide lubrication and/or physical modification of a formula by changing viscosity and/or melting point.

  • Lubricant for plastics especially polyolefins (processing aid) and pigment concentrates based on polyolefins (dispersing aid and carrier material).
  • External lubricant for rigid PVC extrusion.
  • Release agent for PBT TPE styrenics and rubber.
  • Improvement of scratch resistance for printing inks.
  • Matting agent for coatings and paints.
  • Solvent based polishes (car floor shoes).
  • Additive for candles and Mold release agent.
  • Additive for hot melt adhesives.
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